The ACCI provides accommodation to the students in Year 1, leasing flats at Chapters Flats. These leases are signed up to ensure accommodation for the First Year students as they arrive. The following are provided with the flat:

1. Furnishings
2. Weekly Cleaning
3. Linen
4. Some electrical appliances
5. Electricity and water (within limit)
6. Laundry facilities nearby
7. Repairs to electricity, plumbing, etc
8. A security service to the students by University Risk Management

The accommodation is within walking distance of the campus and two shopping malls, which give students access to restuarants, banks, supermarkets, bookshops and entertainment.

Please note: There is no capacity for spouses and children in this programme, in residence.

In their Second Year, students may want to move into non ACCI-leased accommodation. The ACCI has created a flexible approach to this. By October 15 each year, students must decide on where they want to stay during the next year: Either

ACCI – leased accommodation with the provisions listed above OR Self - leased accommodation subject to the following conditions:

a. R2025 per month for 10 months in lieu of the the items provided by the ACCI;
b. None of the items listed from 1 to 8 above.

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