Bursary Details
An ACCI bursary in Years One and Two will cover all basic personal costs.

1. One return airfare, economy class, per year, to South Africa for students from outside the South African borders. Similar travel arrangements would be made for South African students.

2. Study permit application fee. Note that each student will need to pay for his or her study permit themselves but will be refunded once proof of payment is received.

3. Registration and tuition fees.

4. Single Self – catering accommodation. Please note: There is no capacity for spouses or children in this programme, in residence.

5. Medical insurance from Ingwe Health year to the doctor or dentist. Students will be required to use the doctor nominated by Ingwe Health. Should there be any medical procedure, prescribed by the doctor, that is not covered by the medical aid, students will be required to pay 50% of the cost, and ACCI will pay the other 50%. There is also a clinic on campus that is available for students to use at a nominal cost of R5.00, which will be paid by the ACCI.

6. Access to the University Student Counselling Centre. Students are encouraged to make use of the professional services offered by the SCC.

7. A living allowance of R 6125,00 per month, which will have to be used for the purchasing of all food, entertainment, clothing and any other personal items that are required. This allowance is paid monthly into a banking account that each student will be required to open.

8. A stationery allowance of R1200,00 per year for two years.

9. A once-off book allowance of R5000.00

The ACCI bursary in the 5th year will cover the following:

1. A return economy flight.
2. Accommodation for a three (3) month period.
3. The costs of printing and binding of the thesis.

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