Pietermaritzburg Environment
Pietermaritzburg is a beautiful small city, situated halfway beween the sea (Durban) and the mountains (the Drakensberg Mountains).

It is accessible from Durban on the N3 highway to Johannesburg. From Durban to Pietermaritzburg takes about 1 hour to drive.
It takes 5 hours to drive on to Johannesburg, but there are 5 flights daily from Johannesburg to Pietermaritzburg during the week. The flight takes 70 minutes.

It is hot in summer, with temperatures ranging from 20'C at night to 30-35'C during the day. In winter temperatures usually range from 5'C at night up to 22'C during the day. It is in a summer rainfall area, so the months of June-September are dry, and the main rainy season is November-February.

The University campus in Pietermaritzburg is fairly small, registering about 8 000 students, about half in Science and Agriculture and half in the Humanities.
UKZN as a whole has about 40,000 students on 5 campuses.

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